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Hd Acid Factory Full Movie Free Download

The dreaded Kaiser gives Sarthak an opportunity to free himself by forcing him to kill JD. He then asks Sultan to kill Sarthak but makes an excuse to send Romeo to do the job. Romeo takes Sarthak outside to the balcony and fires in the air making the gang believe that Sarthak is dead. However, they figure that Romeo is in fact an undercover cop planted by the police and has not killed Sarthak. Eventually, there is a shootout in the factory where Sarthak finds 2 gas masks and gives one to Romeo. They fire at the pentane tank, causing an explosion similar to the one that caused everyone to lose their memory. This time, Romeo and Sarthak escape the factory to discover the cops waiting outside to arrest the gang. In the end, Romeo and Sarthak get back to their lives.

hd Acid Factory full movie free download

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