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shonia E.

Founder and visionary of the movement D4G [I AM] Destined for Greatness, targeting women who are working to overcome challenges, barriers, or a troubling season in their life, the woman who wants to take their life, business, or career to the next level, the woman who is experiencing a major transition in their personal life.  Many doors were opened from the entry level position as a nursing assistant to having the privilege of overseeing as many as 30 nursing facilities in various states.  She is a Sales/Marketing Executive in the healthcare field who has had the pleasure of assisting several healthcare providers meet their annual revenue goals, write, and teach sales training courses, who in 2015 started D4G [I AM] Destined for Greatness. The movement allows her to share her testimony and her story while encouraging and motivating women of all ages. She shares how yes, she has taken wrong turns in life, but allowed God to take over and she encourages women – “You Can Make It”- You are Destined for Greatness”.  From corporate board rooms, women’s conferences, workshops, personal branding, and Bounce Back programs created just for you, to one-on-one mentoring sessions she is determined to assist as many women as possible connect to their Destiny by overcoming fear, their past, and other obstacles.  The publisher of D4G It's a Lifestyle, its a Movement magazine, and CEO of  the"Shades of Red" Initiative. 

F5 Approach
to Success


When your relationship with God is your first priority, every other area in your life will mesh seamlessly.  (*I’m not saying struggles will not form, - they just will not prosper).  Protect time first thing each morning to spend time in prayer, journal your thoughts, and download each night for a peaceful rest.  Feed yourself the word daily, talk to God and HE will talk back!


Family 1st- A daily approach to work-life balance, family will always need you, no expiration date- however establish boundaries!

Impart into your family the F5 approach, with a goal of a powerful long lasting legacy. 


1 day/week schedule a date night (if married), Singles-schedule this day with yourself or close friend/family member. And always include 1 day/month for YOU (self-enrichment is so important and it’s the fuel that keeps you POWERFUL and ready to help others.


Establish an individual goal to become debt-free and stay free!!! Lowering your debt and increasing your credit score gives you the freedom to soar ahead toward your Destiny and Dreams
without the weight of debt.
Be a giver.

Give! Give! Give!


Always have a 3-5 year plan for your life. Update it every 6 months. There’s no time to look back with regrets, and allow anyone to drag you back to your past.  It’s over… Dust yourself off and grab ahold of your one way ticket to your Destiny.

Knock Out Your Goals with D4G!

Your job or career is not listed in the F5 approach for a very good reason. D4G can assist you with your personalized 5 year strategic plan for your life. Yes! It’s a reality we need our income to provide for our households however; when you place a laser focus on these five areas of your life-job/career will be addressed with balance.

No matter what obstacle comes your way and regardless of your past, God has an amazing plan for you….

Go Forth Lady - You are Destined for Greatness!

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