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Career Coaching/Mentoring
We all face fear, doubt, and even procrastination at times.
What has you stuck? Come on, be honest with yourself we have all been there. Remember every coach needs a coach, so why not start your coaching journey today? One-on-one private coaching sessions to fit your schedule, life, and budget.

Bounce-Back Program 
D4G’s Signature Program designed to assist women in bouncing back from a set-back in life, major life transition, employment displacement, re-location, or organizational downsize.

“As a “Healthcare Executive who specializes in Ensuring Quality in Healthcare Outcomes, I decided to partner with D4G [I AM] Destined for Greatness. Shonia Russelle, Founder/Visionary is a great person to assist with bouncing back. D4G’s Bounce-Back Program gave me direction and guidance on how to approach the next season in my career. She is approachable and listens whole-heartedly to your concerns. Shonia provides sound recommendations on career coaching and focuses you to bounce back to move forward.”

Sabrina Dean
Healthcare Executive

boot-up, suit-up 

(Daily Preparation) - Purchase your D4G Daily Journal today.  Journal your daily thoughts, prayers, and vision for your life. You are the driver to your own Destiny!  Your vision comes to life when you See it, Believe it, Write it, and Achieve it!

I’m holding on to the Promises of God. (Hebrews 10:23)

My aunt would always tell me to get on the wall and stay in prayer. (Isaiah 62:6).

(My steps are ordered by God… Psalms 37:23)

D4G - Level up program 

Whether you are a new college graduate looking for direction in developing their career track, desiring a promotion to the next level in your career, or looking to take your business or ministry to the next level.

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