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PILAPT Test Download: How to Prepare for the Pilot Aptitude Tests

If you are applying for a pilot job or a flight training program, you may have to take the PILAPT test. PILAPT stands for Pilot Aptitude Test, and it is a series of psychomotor and psychotechnical tests that assess your abilities and skills as a potential pilot. The PILAPT test is used by many airlines and flight schools around the world, such as British Airways, Etihad, FTE Jerez, FlyDubai, and more. The PILAPT test is designed to measure your spatial awareness, numerical reasoning, attention, memory, and coordination. It also predicts your performance in a challenging training environment and your compatibility with the culture and standards of different aviation organizations.


The PILAPT test consists of several subtests, each with its own format and time limit. The subtests are:

  • Pattern: You have to identify the missing piece in a pattern of shapes.

  • Squares and Circles: You have to count the number of squares and circles in a grid of symbols.

  • ILS Tracking: You have to keep a crosshair aligned with a moving target on a screen.

  • Multi-task: You have to perform two or more tasks simultaneously, such as tracking a target, answering questions, and monitoring gauges.