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Space Motion - Epic Resurrection (Original Mix) [Space Motion Records]

Neither is motion, the living symbol of time. Like duration,motion is heterogeneous and indivisible. But it is universallyconfused with the space through which the movable passes. Thesuccessive positions of the movable are in space, but the motionis not in space. Motion is passing from one position to another,which operation occupies duration and has reality only for aconscious spectator. Things occupy space; processes occupy duration,because they are mental syntheses and are unextended.

Space Motion - Epic Resurrection (Original Mix) [Space Motion Records]


To measure the velocity of a motion is simply to find a simultaneity;to introduce this simultaneity into calculation is to usea convenient means of foreseeing a simultaneity. Just as induration there is nothing homogeneous except what does notlapse, to wit space in which simultaneities are aligned, so thehomogeneous element of motion is that which least pertains toit, to wit the space traversed, which is immobility.

Science can work on time and motion only on condition of firsteliminating the essential and qualitative element, duration fromtime, mobility from motion. Treatises on mechanics never define122duration itself, but call two intervals of time equal whentwo identical bodies in circumstances identical at the commencementof each of these intervals, and subjected to identical actionsand influences of every kind, have traversed the same space atthe end of these intervals. There is no question, in science, ofduration, but only of space and of simultaneities between outerchange and certain of our psychic states. That duration doesnot enter into natural science is seen in the fact that if all themotions of the universe were quicker or slower, then, whereasconsciousness would have an indefinable and qualitative intuitionof this change, no scientific formulæ would be modified, since thesame number of simultaneities would be produced again in space.

Analysis of the idea of velocity proves that mechanics hasnothing to do with duration. If, on a trajectory AB, points M,N, P ... such that AM = MN = NP ... are reachedat equal intervals of time, as defined above, and AM etc. are smallerthan any assignable quantity, the motion is said to be uniform.The velocity of a uniform motion is therefore defined withoutappeal to notions other than those of space and simultaneity.By a somewhat complicated demonstration106 the same is shownto be true of the velocity of varying motion. Mechanics necessarilyworks with equations, and equations always express accomplishedfacts. It is of the essence of duration and motion to bein formation, so that while mathematics can express any momentof duration or any position taken by a movable in space, durationand motion themselves, being mental syntheses and not things,necessarily remain outside the calculation. The movable occupiesthe points of a line in turn, but the motion has nothingin common with this line. The positions occupied by the movablevary with the different moments of duration; indeed, the movablecreates distinct moments merely by the fact that it occupiesdifferent positions; but duration has no identical nor mutuallyexternal moments, being essentially heterogeneous and indistinct.

The trouble with both these solutions, Bergson says, is that theypresuppose an achieved deliberation and resolution, representablein space by a geometrical figure. The question, Could the ego,having traversed the route MO and decided on A, have chosen B?156is nonsense: to put such a question is to affirm the possibility ofadequately representing time by space, succession by simultaneity.It is to attribute to the figure traced the value of an image and notmerely of a symbol. Figures represent things, not progressions:how shall a figure furnish the least indication of the concretemotion, of the dynamic progression by which the deliberationresults in the act? The defenders of freedom say, The route is notyet traced; therefore one can take any direction. To which wereply, You can speak of a route, in such a connection, only afterthe action is accomplished, and then it has been traced. Thedeterminists say, The route has been traced thus; therefore itspossible direction was only that particular direction. To whichwe reply, Before the route was traced there was no direction, possibleor impossible; there could, as yet, be no question of a route.In its lowest terms this merely means: The act, once accomplished,is accomplished; and the argument of the determinists:The act, before being accomplished, was not as yet an act. Thequestion of freedom is not touched, because freedom is a shade orquality of the act itself, not a relation of this act with what it isnot nor with what it can be. Deliberation is not oscillation inspace; it is dynamic progression, in which the ego and the motivesare in a continual becoming, as living beings. 041b061a72


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