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READ BOOK Green Days By The River

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READ BOOK Green Days By The River


In 1962, Chicago city workers dumped 100 pounds of dye into the river flowing through downtown Chicago. It left the river emerald green for an entire week and kick-started an annual tradition. The city celebrated the 60th anniversary of the event this past weekend.

The green dye was originally part of the city's effort to clean up the river's waterfront areas, which had long been a depository for Chicago's waste. So much so that Upton Sinclair mentioned one of the river's tributaries, Bubbly Creek, in his famous novel The Jungle.

When Richard J. Daley took office as the mayor of Chicago in 1955 he was determined to develop the riverfront and tasked city workers with finding where the sewage was coming from. They used the green dye to help identify the source of the waste.

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