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We Buy Gold San Jose

Bring your scrap gold, silver, or platinum to San Jose Coin Shop. We buy any amount of these precious metals, from one gram on up, in nearly any form and condition. Our owner is a trusted gold buyer with over 40 years of experience. Having worked with thousands of satisfied clients over the years, he's become known throughout San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Santa Cruz, Morgan Hill, and other nearby areas for his accurate appraisals, honest business practices, integrity, and fair prices.

we buy gold san jose

If you have an outdated piece of jewelry, a broken watch, or a few pieces of sterling silver flatware, bring it in for a straightforward value assessment. As a lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association and an Authorized Dealer for the Professional Coin Grading Service, we are committed to using the industry's best practices for grading and appraisals. On-site verbal appraisals are always free if you are interested in finding out the value of your scrap gold, silver, or platinum. If you decide to sell your item(s), we will provide a written, detailed receipt of the sale and issue payment immediately.

Whether you would like to sell an antique set of sterling silver flatware, an 18th century Omega pocket watch, or a collection of rare gold bullion coins, the experts at San Jose Coin Shop will always give you the best possible price. We appraise and buy:

Though we are happy to discuss your scrap gold, silver, and platinum items over the phone, the best way to receive an accurate appraisal is to visit our shop in San Jose. No appointment is necessary to speak to one of our helpful and qualified staff.

I came here the other day and was really impressed by what I saw. They really have some nice coins and the gold trade in value is worth it here too. The man at the front desk was very polite, knowledgeable, and informative. I wouldn't mind returning to this shop.

Founded in 1980, this San Diego-based bullion trader has a location in San Jose. This family-owned shop caters to investors who prefer to hold precious metals in their physical form, whether jewelry, coinage, or bullion. American Precious Metals specializes in popular gold and silver coins like the American Silver Eagle. They also carry a unique array of rare and historical coins, both U.S. and foreign. American Precious Metals buys all forms of silver, gold, and platinum, including coins, jewelry, and scrap. They also offer wholesale pricing for those buying in bulk. In addition to their San Jose storefront, American Precious Metals also sells coins and bullion online and through eBay.

This small, family-run coin shop buys and sells an expansive variety of coins. They are known for their historic Italian coinage, and also stock an impressive selection of medieval, Greek/Roman, and shipwreck coins. Falcone Coins also deals in U.S. and foreign coins, gold, and silver. They carry everything from beginner coin sets to high-grade rare coins to silver and gold bullion for investment purposes. Falcone Coins offers free verbal appraisals.

The coin selection at Treasure Island Stamps and Coins is primarily focused on ancient Greek and Roman coins, with more than 4000 different ancient coins in stock. They also carry a wide selection of U.S. coins, including proof and mint sets, as well as gold and silver coins. They also carry a limited selection of foreign coins, as well as collecting supplies. Treasure Island is exceptionally welcoming to new collectors; the owner is willing to take the time to explain the finer nuances of numismatics. They are a member of the American Numismatic Association, and have served Bay Area coin collectors since 1968.

Macs Coin Shop specializes in gold and silver coinage and bars. They carry an impressive array of American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Gold Buffalos, 1 oz silver rounds, Credit Suisse bars, Morgan and Peace silver dollars, and other bullion products. Many can be purchased through their website, though the full selection is only available at their store. While Macs focuses primarily on gold and silver, they also stock U.S. coinage. They also purchase all forms of gold and silver, as well as collectible coins. Macs is an NGC authorized dealer and a member of the American Numismatic Association.

Actual prices are paid based on the current gold and platinum prices. Feel free to compare our rates to the competition, and you will find we offer a compethive high rate of return in the pleasant and safe environment of Burlingame Avenue.

When you buy gold, silver, platinum or palladium, you want to make sure you areworkingwith a gold dealer with whom you trust and feel comfortable. With multiple physicallocations, PPM can be that dealer.

He had worked for a recycling company that often traded in gold dug out of discarded computers. Then in January, while the price of gold was still running at $1,692 an ounce, Rosas and his sister started a mom-and-pop cash-for-gold business in San Jose, looking for deals on Craigslist and at garage sales.

CXI sells some of the most popular, high-quality gold bullion products produced in the world. Gold bullion provides an easy way to invest in precious metals, while at the same time holding onto a physical asset that is highly liquid and recognized around the world.

Looking to sell gold near San Francisco? You have many options to choose from but some might not be what your looking for. When looking to get cash for gold in San Francisco, many people choose to sell their gold online instead of local pawn shops or jewelers. Selling gold and jewelry online has been proven to be the safest and easiest way to get the the most money for your gold.

Buy Sell Loan, Inc. offers hassle-free transactions for local residents to have the needed money quickly. They buy and sell gold, platinum, and silver products. The shop also accepts rare coins, art masterpieces, and diamond jewelry. They have 5 locations across the Bay Area. Furethmroe, they have friendly and expertly trained staff to deliver quality services. They also have a store on eBay for the convenience of their customers. Moreover, they accept automobiles for pawns. they provide a transparent transaction in all the items they buy and sell.

EZ Cash Pawn Shops offers confidential and smooth transaction of pawning. They provide families with the needed funds during financial emergencies. The pawnshop accepts all household items, electronics, and musical instruments. In addition, they accept high-end watches, diamonds, and gold. Mechanical tools also take part in their pawning services. Moreover, they buy unwanted valued items at competitive prices. They provide great professionalism in all the services they offer. The shop also offers merchandise at affordable prices. Their online inventory makes it easier for customers to choose their preferred products.

Cash for Gold is a top-rated gold buyer with complete licenses and certifications. They directly deal with smelters and pays more than other gold buyers. Moreover, they have free appraisals of gold and silver jewelry. They provide honest information on how the jewelry is worth it. The customer then decides if they want to sell their jewelry. Furthermore, they have two local locations in San Jose. They also use top-notch equipment to quickly serve their customers. Within 15 minutes, the whole process is typically completed.

1. Gold And Silver Buyers- The chances are your coins are either gold or silver and if that's the case, then there are many companies that buy gold and silver items. The good news is this means they buy coins too. All you have to do is find a company that is in the business of buying gold and silver and they will likely make you an offer.

San José was a 64-gun, three-masted galleon of the Spanish Armada de la Guardia de la Carrera de las Indias. It was launched in 1698,[2] and sank in battle off Barú Island, just south of Cartagena, Colombia, in 1708, while laden with gold, silver and emeralds worth about US$17 billion as of 2023.[4]

San José and San Joaquín were part of the Spanish treasure fleet during the War of the Spanish Succession, under General José Fernández de Santillán, the Count of Casa Alegre. On its final voyage, San José sailed as the flagship of a treasure fleet composed of three Spanish warships and 14 merchant vessels sailing from Portobelo, Panama, to Cartagena, Colombia. On 8 June 1708, the fleet encountered a British squadron near Barú, leading to a battle known as Wager's Action. During the battle, the powder magazines of San José detonated, destroying and sinking the ship with most of her crew and the gold, silver, emeralds and jewelrycollected in the South American colonies to finance the Spanish king's war effort.[2][7] Of the 600 people aboard, only eleven survived.[2]

The wreck of the San José is estimated to be worth billions of dollars,[4][7][8] based on the speculation that it had up to 11 million 4-doubloons (i.e. 11 million 8 escudos gold coins, or 11 million coins each of 27 grams of 92% gold, totaling 8.8 million troy ounces AGW, or $11.5 billion) and many silver coins on board at the time of its sinking,[8][failed verification] similar to its surviving sister ship, San Joaquín. The silver and gold are from the mines of Potosí, Bolivia.[9] The enormous value of this cargo has led to San José being called the "Holy Grail of Shipwrecks".[8]

The ship, a 64-gun galleon with around 600 people on board, is believed to have been carrying at least 200 tons of treasure, including gold coins, silver coins, and emeralds, worth an estimated up to $17 billion at today's prices.

Colombia was a colony of Spain when the San Jose was sunk in 1708, and gold from across South America, especially modern-day Peru and Bolivia, was stored in the fort of its coastal city, Cartagena, before being shipped back to Europe.

The uber-loot, which experts estimate to include at least 200 tons of gold, silver and emeralds, will be a point of pride for Colombia, Vice President and top diplomat Marta Lucia Ramirez said in a statement. The treasure could be worth billions of dollars if ever recovered. 041b061a72


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