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Video Recording Techniques Pdf Free [UPD]

First, clean up your computer screen and close any unnecessary applications. Turn off notifications that might pop up before you start recording. Follow these directions to get a crisp, clear screen video.

Video Recording Techniques Pdf Free

There are a lot of similarities between recording your screen and creating a training video with a camera. You still need a plan, a script, and the right tools, but stepping in front of the camera brings new challenges.

Currently the Undergraduate Research Center recommends designing a recording where there is a main screen presenting a poster or presentation while video of the presenter is visible in a smaller sub-screen (also known as picture in picture format). When recording, be sure to remember:

GoReact ( is a video presentation application exclusively available for 2021 Undergraduate Research Conference presenters. As the hosting platform for the URC conference, there is the ability to record, edit and even add attachments that compliment your presentation. There are also options for group presenters and mobile compatibility, giving students flexible options in recording. GoReact comes with many resources to help presenters create content that audiences can actively participate in. To learn more about recording with GoReact, conference presenters should check their email accounts and also review uploading directions as well.

AggieVideo ( ) is an application available where you can upload, manage, edit, and share UC Davis video or audio content. Content can be shared publicly with anyone, or privately to select or authorized viewers, making it a great resource for recording presentations. AggieVideo is also compatible with Canvas and Zoom, with more information found at the AggieVideo Knowledge Base.

Zoom is a campus resource available to all students and is recommended for recording video presentations. Be sure to check out the official UC Davis Zoom knowledge base for more information. The application is a great resou