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Getmə, Qal: NJ-nin Ən Populyar və Ən Yaxşı Mahnısı

NJ - Getmə, Qal: A Review of the Popular Azerbaijani Song

If you are a fan of Azerbaijani music, you have probably heard of NJ's hit song Getmə, Qal (Don't Go, Stay). This song has been one of the most streamed and viewed songs in Azerbaijan since its release in 2022. But what makes this song so special and appealing to the listeners? In this article, we will review the song in detail, looking at its lyrics, music, and video. We will also explore the background of the singer NJ and the production company CırtdanPro, as well as the popularity and impact of the song in Azerbaijan and beyond.

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What is the song about?

Getmə, Qal is a song about love, longing, and nostalgia. It tells the story of a man who is reunited with his former lover after a long time. He expresses his feelings for her, asking her to stay with him and not to leave him again. He reminisces about their past together, their happy moments, and their shared dreams. He also regrets their separation, wondering if she ever missed him or felt cold without him. He tries to convince her that they belong together, that they are each other's soulmates, and that they can still make their relationship work.

Who is NJ and what is CırtdanPro?

NJ is the stage name of Nazpari Jafar, a young Azerbaijani singer and songwriter. She started her musical career in 2019, when she participated in the talent show Böyük Səhnə (Big Stage). She impressed the judges and the audience with her powerful voice and charismatic performance. She then signed a contract with CırtdanPro, a music production company founded by Vüqar Babayev, a famous Azerbaijani composer and producer. CırtdanPro is known for creating high-quality songs and videos for various Azerbaijani artists, such as Röya Ayxan, Miri Yusif, Nigar Jamal, and others. NJ has released several songs under CırtdanPro's label, such as Yoxsan (You're Not Here), Sən (You), Yalan (Lie), and Getmə, Qal.

How did the song become popular?

Getmə, Qal was released on December 31st, 2022, as a New Year's gift for NJ's fans. The song was written by Vüqar Babayev himself, who also composed the music and arranged the instruments. The song features a traditional Azerbaijani instrument called kamança (a bowed string instrument), played by Pərviz Əliyev, as well as a guitar, played by Şahin Əlizadə. The song was recorded at Mood Records studio, where it was mixed and mastered by RƏSSAM (Elvin Həsənov). The video was directed by Mübariz Yusifzadə, who also worked on the editing and effects. The video was shot in Baku, Azerbaijan's capital city, showing various landmarks and sceneries.

The song quickly gained popularity among the listeners, thanks to its catchy melody, emotional lyrics, and beautiful video. It also received positive feedback from critics and experts, who praised NJ's vocal skills, Vüqar Babayev's creativity, and CırtdanPro's professionalism. The song reached number one on several Azerbaijani music charts and platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Deezer. It also attracted attention from international audiences, especially from Turkey, Iran, Russia, and Georgia. The song has been viewed over 50 million times on YouTube, making it one of the most successful Azerbaijani songs of all time.

Analysis of the song

The lyrics and their meaning

The lyrics of Getmə, Qal are written in Azerbaijani, a Turkic language spoken by about 10 million people in Azerbaijan and neighboring countries. The lyrics are simple and straightforward, but they convey a lot of emotion and passion. The song consists of a chorus and two verses, each with eight lines. The chorus is repeated four times throughout the song, while the verses are sung only once. Here is a translation of the lyrics into English, along with some explanations of their meaning:



Getmə, qal yanımda

Sənə ehtiyacım var

Gözlərimdən oxunur

Səni sevdiyim aydın

Getmə, qal yanımda

Sənə ehtiyacım var

Gözlərimdən oxunur

Səni sevdiyim aydın

Don't go, stay with me

I need you

It's clear from my eyes

That I love you

Don't go, stay with me

I need you

It's clear from my eyes

That I love you

The chorus is the main part of the song, where the singer expresses his desire for his lover to stay with him. He tells her that he needs her and that he loves her, and that she can see it in his eyes. He repeats these words four times, emphasizing his sincerity and urgency.

Bir günəş doğdu içimdə

Sən gəldin yanıma

Sanki bir rüyadayam

İnanmıram gözümə

Sən də məni sevirsən

Söylə, nə olar?

Bir daha ayrılmayalım

Söz ver, nə olar?

A sun rose inside me

When you came to me

I feel like I'm in a dream

I don't trust my eyes

Do you love me too?

Tell me, please?

Let's not separate again

Promise me, please?

The first verse is where the singer describes his feelings when he sees his lover again after a long time. He feels a surge of joy and warmth, as if a sun rose inside him. He also feels like he is in a dream, as he can't believe that she is really there. He asks her if she loves him too, and begs her to tell him and to promise him that they will not separate again.

Çox xatırlar var aramızda

Unutmadın, deyil?

Necə gülürdük biz birlikdə

Yadına saldın, deyil?

Soyuq olmadın mı mənsiz?

Özünü yaxşı tutdun mu?

Mən hər gün səni düşündüm

Sən də məni düşündün mü?

We have many memories between us

You didn't forget, did you?

How we used to laugh together

You remembered, didn't you?

Didn't you feel cold without me?

Did you take good care of yourself?

I thought of you every day

Did you think of me too?

The second verse is where the singer recalls their past together, their happy moments and their shared dreams. He asks her if she still remembers them, and if she ever missed him or felt lonely without him. He tells her that he thought of her every day, and wonders if she did the same.

The music and its style

The music of Getmə, Qal is a blend of traditional and modern elements, creating a unique and captivating sound. The song is in the key of A minor, and has a tempo of 120 beats per minute. The song follows a simple structure of chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-outro, with no bridge or pre-chorus. The song has a duration of 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

The instruments and their sound

The most prominent instrument in the song is the kamança, which is played by Pərviz Əliyev. The kamança is a bowed string instrument that has a rich and expressive sound. It can produce various tones and effects, such as vibrato, glissando, pizzicato, and staccato. The kamança plays the main melody of the song, as well as some variations and improvisations. It also adds some ornamentation and embellishment to the music, such as trills, grace notes, and slides. The kamança gives the song a distinctive Azerbaijani flavor and character.

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The other instrument in the song is the guitar, which is played by Şahin Əlizadə. The guitar is an acoustic guitar that has a warm and soft sound. It plays the chords and the rhythm of the song, as well as some arpeggios and fills. It also harmonizes with the kamança, creating a balanced and pleasant sound. The guitar gives the song a modern and universal appeal.

The genre and its influence

The genre of Getmə, Qal is pop-folk, which is a popular genre in Azerbaijan and other Turkic countries. Pop-folk is a genre that combines elements of pop music and folk music, creating a catchy and accessible sound. Pop-folk often uses traditional instruments, such as kamança, saz, balaban, zurna, etc., along with modern instruments, such as guitar, keyboard, drums, etc. Pop-folk also incorporates elements of other genres, such as rock, jazz, blues, etc., creating a diverse and dynamic sound. Pop-folk is influenced by various musical traditions and cultures, such as Azerbaijani mugham, Turkish arabesque, Iranian pop, Balkan folk, etc. Pop-folk also influences other genres and artists, such as rap, hip-hop, R&B, etc. Pop-folk is a genre that reflects the diversity and richness


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