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Monster Hunter Frontier G

Capcom announced Monster Hunter: Frontier G on September 2, 2012, as a major update to Monster Hunter Frontier Online for the PC and Xbox 360.[5] The new update would include 10 new monsters, upgrade 21 current monsters to G-rank, over 150 G class weapons and armor sets, 30 new skills, 4 new elementals, and new actions for 11 weapon types.[6] It was also later announced that it would be released as a standalone game for the PlayStation 3 and Wii U around the end of 2013.

Monster Hunter Frontier G

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Monster Hunter Frontier is an online MMORPG on the PC and Xbox 360 with a great amount of new weapons, quests, armor, and monsters. The game will continue to expand with new content added through patches. There is currently a Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Taiwan and Macau) version of Frontier. The game has a built-in IP blocker that prevents IP addresses outside of Japan from connecting to the server, but it is still possible for residents in other countries to connect. The Korean Frontier requires a KSSN (Korean Social Security Number) in order to play but it does not carry the same monthly fee as the Japanese version.

I want to feel like I'm entering a world and get lost in it for hours on end, and every time your party broke up, you had to go back to the lobby and break the immersion..... So I'm eagerly awaiting frontier. Much more so than MH4

@Samurai_Goroh frontier coming to Wii u probably means MH4 is going to 3DS only.... Which is fine, Frontier seems more like a console experience where the whole joining rooms nonsense doesn't feel right on a console.

"but need to adapt all the necessary services to the unique characteristics of each region."Imagine a hunting horn, that, makes Justin Bieber's sounds. All such monsters and players alike shall run terrify in fear. 8D

Originally released for Windows PC in 2007 (and later ported to the Xbox 360 in 2010), MHG is a heavily-upgraded version of Monster Hunter 2 with a wealth of extra content and new Internet-specific features. "The biggest asset of MHFG is how it provides a continually-evolving hunting experience for you to enjoy through its regularly large-scale updates," said director Tatsumi Kimoto. "That's a unique attraction, the way the game changes with each update through its new monsters, weapons, and armor. With MHFG being online only, you can enjoy the game with hunters from all across the country, and we provide a wealth of content that lets you interact and work together with them. For someone just starting, it's packed with so much content that you'll never be able to digest it all." 041b061a72


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