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Download CODE (1) XTREAM (08 2022) Txt ((EXCLUSIVE))

Note for version and later: An issue was discovered in how calm winds are encoded in the ISD after 2013. We describe the cause and impacts in Dunn et al, 2022, ERC. From this version onwards we have adjusted our routines to recover these calm periods. We have also updated the record values used by the World Record Check, and hence there has been an extra increment in the version number (08-Feb-2022, updated 08-Jul-2022)

Download CODE (1) XTREAM (08 2022) txt

We have assessed the homogeneity of four of the observedmeteorological variables present in HadISD: temperature, dew pointtemperature, sea-level pressure and wind speed. This has beenperformed on monthly averages of the sub-daily data, and is fullydescribed in Dunn et al, 2014, Climate of the Past, 10, 1501-1522. The homogeneityassessment results for v3.3.0.2022f are available fordownload here. 041b061a72


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