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The Adventures Of Don Coyote

Taking direct inspiration from the 17th-century classic novel about a delusional Spanish noble who fancies himself a knight and wishes to live a life bound by an honorable code, the main character is an anthropomorphic coyote who drags his dear panda friend Sancho throughout the countryside, seeking to gain fame as a valiant knight who can best any monster and save beautiful princesses.

The Adventures of Don Coyote


This is the story of Steinbeck traveling around the country for three months in a truck camper with his dog Charlie. The aging writer set out to rediscover the real America that he had been writing about his whole career. In the process he not only gains a new understanding of the country but of himself. For me, it was fascinating looking at the United States through 1960 eyes and realizing that while much has changed, we still face many of the same issues they dealt with then. Like my own experiences it was also a wonderful reminder that we grow from taking on challenging adventures.


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