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Download [2021] Solution Manual For Continuum Mechanics For Engineers Rar

In continuum mechanics, the relationship between the mesoscale and macroscale is a source of significant controversy [ 26 ]. In some respects, mesoscale simulations are simply a means to go from a microscopic model to a macroscopic model. This is not to disparage mesoscale models, which have a long history in the literature [ 27 ]. Indeed, in many ways mesoscale models have proved to be an indispensable tool in the study of protein structure and function [ 28 ]. More problematic is the fact that the scale of the microscopic model may be so fine that the interface between the two models becomes invisible. Traditionally, this meant that two disparate models had to be made and coupled together in some manner, and what had once been a simple problem became computationally intractable. However, more recently, the limitations of mesoscale models have been recognised, and there is increasing effort to identify the key aspects of the macroscale model that can be captured by a mesoscale model. We will refer to this model as the continuum in this work, and it is hoped that the results of this paper provide a baseline for future developments in this area.

Download Solution Manual For Continuum Mechanics For Engineers Rar

The development of mesoscale models began in the late 1950s with pioneering work by Granick and Strey [ 29 ]. Their models were based on discrete models that allowed conformational changes of macromolecular domains. The first application of discrete models to polymer physics was carried out by Flory [ 30 ], who used a mixture of random walks to represent polymer chains. His work led to the first treatment of the random-coil model, a simulation technique used to estimate the overall shape of a long chain by interweaving random walks [ 31 ]. Discrete models can be viewed as a high-resolution approximation to continuum models, and allow computation of the properties of the macromolecular chain at increasingly finer scales. However, it is also apparent that the scale of the discrete model must be chosen carefully, to reflect the nature of the intrinsic flexibility of the macromolecular chain, as continuum models are applied.


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