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HOMER Energy Software: A Powerful Tool for Microgrid Design and Optimization

Microgrids are small-scale power systems that can operate independently or in coordination with the main grid. They are composed of various energy sources, such as solar, wind, biomass, hydro, diesel, or batteries, and can provide reliable and cost-effective electricity to remote communities, island nations, military bases, campuses, or grid-connected facilities. However, designing and optimizing a microgrid is not a trivial task, as it involves complex trade-offs between technical, economic, and environmental factors.


That's where HOMER Energy Software comes in. HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Model for Multiple Energy Resources) is a software product by UL Solutions that helps engineers, researchers, developers, and policymakers to design and optimize hybrid microgrids in all sectors and regions. HOMER software has been used by more than 250,000 energy professionals in over 190 countries since its inception at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the 1990s.

What can HOMER Energy Software do?

HOMER Energy Software is a powerful tool that can perform three main functions: simulation, optimization, and sensitivity analysis. These functions are explained below:

  • Simulation: HOMER simulates the operation of a hybrid microgrid for an entire year, in time steps from one minute to one hour. It will attempt to simulate a viable system for all possible combinations of the equipment that the user wishes to consider. Depending on how the user sets up the problem, HOMER may simulate hundreds or even thousands of systems.

  • Optimization: HOMER examines all possible combinations of system types in a single run, and then sorts the systems according to the optimization variable of choice. The optimization variable can be the net present cost (NPC), the levelized cost of energy (LCOE), the renewable fraction, the carbon emissions, or any other user-defined variable. HOMER Pro features a new optimization algorithm called HOMER Optimizer that significantly simplifies the design process for identifying least-cost options for microgrids or other distributed generation electrical power systems.

  • Sensitivity Analysis: HOMER software lets the user ask as many "What if?" questions as they like, because they cannot control all aspects of a system, and they cannot know the importance of a particular variable or option without running hundreds or thousands of simulations and comparing the results. HOMER makes it easy to compare thousands of possibilities in a single run. This allows the user to see the impact of variables that are beyond their control, such as wind speed, fuel costs, load growth, battery degradation, and weather patterns.

What are the benefits of using HOMER Energy Software?

By using HOMER Energy Software, the user can gain several benefits, such as:

  • Save time and money: HOMER software can help the user to find the optimal system configuration in minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks. This can save a lot of time and money in the design and planning stages of a microgrid project.

  • Reduce risk and uncertainty: HOMER software can help the user to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of a microgrid project under various scenarios and conditions. This can reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with investing in a microgrid project.

  • Increase performance and reliability: HOMER software can help the user to optimize the performance and reliability of a microgrid system by selecting the best combination of components, sizing them appropriately, and controlling them effectively.

  • Improve sustainability and resilience: HOMER software can help the user to increase the sustainability and resilience of a microgrid system by maximizing the use of renewable energy sources, minimizing the carbon emissions, and enhancing the grid independence.

How to get started with HOMER Energy Software?

If you are interested in using HOMER Energy Software for your microgrid project, you can start by taking advantage of the free 21-day trial that UL Solutions offers. You can download and install HOMER Pro on your Windows computer and explore its features and capabilities. You can also customize HOMER Pro with up to 9 individual modules to meet your specific modeling needs, such as biomass, hydro, combined heat and power, advanced load, advanced grid, hydrogen, advanced storage, multi-year, and MATLAB link.

If you need help with your modeling and analysis, or need training in HOMER software, UL Solutions is here to help. They offer a full range of support services to ensure your success. You can choose from advisory services, engineer hours, or training sessions to get the assistance you need. You can also access the online resources, such as the user manual, the knowledge base, the webinars, the case studies, and the community forum, to learn more about HOMER software and its applications.


HOMER Energy Software is a powerful tool for microgrid design and optimization that can help you to find the best solution for your project. Whether you are working on a remote power system, a grid-connected facility, or a utility-scale storage system, HOMER software can help you to combine engineering and economics in one powerful model. You can simulate, optimize, and analyze your system with ease and confidence. You can also get the support and training you need from UL Solutions, the global leader in renewable energy and microgrid solutions. To get started with HOMER Energy Software, visit their website and sign up for the free 21-day trial today.


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