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However, this encounter with The Source was likely made with one of the many aspects of it, as The Source contains life and anti-life, good and evil, up and down, in and the out, black and white, all at once, being the ultimate concept that cannot be halved or contained.[5]


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All of the anti-life philosophies that inflict themselves upon individuals, groups, and nations are intimately related. They are like a spiritual stew of rotten meat and decaying vegetables; the issues may be fished out and examined separately, but a person who understands the motivations and viewpoints of those who participate in the anti-life movements can understand the motivations and viewpoints of all of the movements and how they are related.

Figure 2-1 shows just a few of the connections among the major anti-life movements. Each anti-life practice is intimately related to each of the others, and they all have as their inspiration and motivator the ultimate engine of evil: The influence, leadership, and deceptive power of Satan himself, whose power no mere man can ever hope to match.

The term "anti-life," as used throughout The Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia, refers to individuals and organizations that have turned so far away from God that they feel free of all constraints. They do not believe in man's status as the supreme creation of God. They have become primarily self-centered, and are willing to commit virtually any act that will result in self-gratification. They are literally "consumed with freedom." In extreme cases, of course, other human beings may even be killed to satisfy this urge.

The term "anti-life" may seem offensive or extreme to some pro-lifers. But those who object should pause for just a moment to consider the people and groups that are described by the words "anti-life."

Modernist Declarations: Spelling It Out. The Modernists/Humanists themselves state their case in their arrogant and rather pitiful Humanist Manifesto II (1973), which is ultimately a statement of sheer emptiness and hopelessness. This Manifesto neatly encapsulates all of the salient points of the modern anti-life movements.

These, then, are the motivations of the individuals that belong to all of the anti-life movements in the United States and around the world. As Bette Chambers, Executive Director of the American Humanist Association, the largest group of its kind in the world, acknowledges; "In simplest terms, Humanism is that view of life which undergirds every progressive movement in the world today."[6]

The only SELFS that the anti-lifers cannot deal with are self-discipline and self-denial. Therefore, they simply cannot communicate with those who disagree with them, because any compromise, no matter how trivial, will detract in some manner from their broad universe of freedoms and rights.

One excellent example of this anti-life "no exceptions" approach occurred in 1985, when California pro-lifers discovered a storage container with 16,500 aborted babies inside behind a pathologist's house. Some of these babies were larger than four pounds.

One curious aspect of the anti-life yearning for this universal moral sameness is its tendency to attribute its own undesirable tendencies to those who oppose it. This is called 'transference' by psychologists, and it is pervasive especially in pro-abortionists and sodomites. Chapter 13 describes the root causes and character of the tactic of transference.

One of the most damaging effects of the anti-life movements is that they act as very efficient "enablers" they validate self-destructive behaviors such as abortion, sodomy, pornography and child abuse, and give these acts a veneer of legitimacy that can be used by anti-lifers to rationalize their actions.

Since their members constantly experience it, anti-life organizations know how powerful a weapon guilt is, and therefore try to use it on a mass scale against the pro-life movement. They do this by assuming a self-imposed 'victim status,' portraying themselves as weak and bullied by those larger and less tolerant than themselves.

The pro-life movement can avoid this insidious 'guilt trap' simply by refusing to feel guilty about fighting murder and other evil activities. Anyone who refuses to play the 'victimizer' for the anti-lifers is absolutely loathed by them. This is why the pro-abortionists scream at pro-lifers, call them names, and take out full-page newspaper ads labeling them "Nazis," "stormtroopers," and "religious fanatics." If a person is sensitive to emotions, he can actually feel the force of their raw and irrational hate!

The pro-life movement has been called "the conscience of our nation." The anti-lifers have destroyed their own consciences, and want to destroy the nation's collective conscience as well. Then nobody will be able to tell them that they are doing wrong.

There is no logical defense that the anti-lifers can offer against such material except diversionary tactics. So the pornographers, euthanasiasts, sodomites, and pro-abortionists will attempt to shift the discussion to diffuse moral questions like 'freedom' and 'rights,' as described below.

In the first of these tactics, the 'wrong' side will strive to needlessly complicate the arguments, and the 'right' side will attempt to simplify them. As described earlier in this chapter, this is referred to as 'mystagoguery,' or the deliberate act of complicating an issue to the point where no moral judgment is possible. Using such tactics, the anti-lifer can avoid responsibility for his actions.

There is one great advantage that the anti-life movements have over pro-life: Their adherents generally think in a similar manner, use similar tactics, and have the identical ultimate goal, which is total freedom.

This is why homosexual groups work so harmoniously with abortion-rights groups and euthanasiasts. In fact, conservative writers have labeled those with an anti-life orientation "the Swarm" or "the Hive," a classic phenomenon known to psychologists as the "herd of independent thinkers" (HIT) Syndrome. All of the anti-life movements work hand-in-glove with remarkably little friction.

The anti-life groups bestow upon themselves such glowingly patriotic names as "People for the American Way," "Center for Constitutional Rights," and "Americans for Constitutional Freedom." They gain power and prestige through aggressive networking and mutual stroking. They sit on each other's boards of directors and award each other distinguished titles before a slavish press.

The reason for all of this is simple. Freedom is an easily-defined goal and appeals strongly to our fallen nature. Therefore, an anti-life person will instinctively embrace any philosophy that promises a greater degree of personal freedom.

In unhappy contrast to the smooth cooperation seen among anti-lifers, it is often extremely difficult to get pro-life activists of different philosophies to work together. For example, some prominent groups in the anti-abortion movement have as their goal the total banning of abortion for any reason. Others want to make an exclusion to save the mother's life, and still others would like to add a second exception for rape and incest.

The great (and fatal) weakness of the anti-life movement, of course, is that it is laboring in a spiritual vacuum. It is primarily anti-theistic, and therefore its adherents believe that humans must enjoy life to the fullest, because life is all you get.

Most committed anti-life activists seem to be desperately unhappy and empty, because they have as their ultimate goal only the gratification of their own desires. This is not a noble calling, and human beings need very much to believe that they are intrinsically good, and that they are working for a higher cause. These motivations are entirely absent in the anti-life philosophy.

Therefore, the anti-life movements are basically timid and fearful of discomfort since they are 'in it' for themselves, they don't have the stomach for a real fight and for the sacrifice so necessary in a battle for the rights and freedom of others.

This is obvious from the way the anti-life groups let the courts and the police do their fighting for them. As far as pro-abortionists and euthanasiasts are concerned, it is always someone else who must die to ensure their own "quality of life."

The anti-life philosophy has no use for restrictions or rules of any type. It teaches that we are all in a continuous process of self-construction, and no outside influence must impinge upon our progress. We have no use for the past, for it only causes guilt. We have no use for the future, because it oppresses us with potential limits. Therefore, there is only NOW and the enjoyment of NOW. The avoidance of pain, effort, commitment, and responsibility is paramount.

When right and wrong are clearly defined, every person must decide between the two, and the individual must make a commitment to action or inaction. This is why anti-lifers obscure the line between right and wrong as a matter of ingrained habit; in the vast grey area of valueless indecision, nobody can tell them that they are wrong.

Does this sound far-fetched? If her prediction has any chance of coming to pass, it would have to be preceded by a general total callousness towards human life engendered by an entrenched anti-life philosophy.

The best way to truly comprehend the anti-life philosophy lies not in listening to the unsubstantiated opinions of pro-lifers; it is reading the 'works' of the anti-lifers themselves. Committed pro-life activists really need to know how their opponents think if they hope to be really effective in thwarting them in the public arena.

American Civil Liberties Union. Policy Guide. 1988: New York, ACLU. 576 pages. Order from the American Civil Liberties Union, 132 West 43rd Street, New York, New York 10036. If a pro-life activist wants to see where anti-lifers stand on any issue, all he need do is consult this comprehensive guide. 041b061a72


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