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Best Mods For Skyrim Special Edition Pcl _VERIFIED_

Jarno Virtanen: My love for the original Baldur's Gate might be part nostalgic, but the story and gameplay still sweep me away even when I replay it today. The complex and rewarding second edition ruleset makes killing the first lowly gibberling feel as fantastic as killing a huge giant. The replayability and attention to detail keep me coming back and making different characters. The companions and their legendary voicelines and personalities keep me entertained and smiling after all these years. It might not really be the best game I ever played, but it will forever be my number one.

Best Mods For Skyrim Special Edition Pcl


fmcc: This game is one of the most epic in the 4X genre with extra depth delivered by the various story elements integrated into game events. Not only that but it has been getting better with every DLC added. Throw in some of the many community-made mods and you've got something really special. It's the game that keeps me coming back for another play through with a different empire setup to see how I will fare this time.

Darth Gangrel: VtMB is so good at so many things. It's got great writing, great voice acting, lots of options regarding playstyles and roleplaying along with many other things. Atop one of the best voice acting performances in a game ever, it's got a great soundtrack that instantly creates an intriguing atmosphere. It's very much an immersive sim in how you can interact with the world, solve the quests, make your own way and that makes each playthrough enjoyable. The multiple clans and great mods only make it more replayable. It's got characters that are funny, creepy, over-the-top, ones you love and ones you love to hate. The game (blood)sucks you in to a World (of Darkness) that is mysterious, deep and a great take on the vampire mythos. It made me read the books the game is based on and I loved them as well. 350c69d7ab


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