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[S6E9] Child Star

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) runs a physical education class which includes Spencer Porter (Marshall Williams) and Roderick Meeks (Noah Guthrie) where she challenges Roderick to perform a vertical rope climb, which he fails. Roderick asks Spencer for help with his physical fitness which Spencer originally declines, but Spencer then discovers that Roderick is friends with new student Alistair (Finneas O'Connell) on whom he has a crush, so to impress Alistair, Spencer agrees to train Roderick. Sue asks Superintendent Bob Harris (Christopher Cousins) for a letter of recommendation for a Principal of the Year Award nomination, so he asks Sue to help his nephew Myron Muskovitz (Josie Totah) prepare for his upcoming bar mitzvah party where he wants to perform. Myron shows his planned song and dance to New Directions and is shown to be very talented, but when his backup dancers are mildly criticized, he becomes very high-strung and demanding, and fires all of them on the spot. Myron tells Sue that he wants to use the auditorium for his party and have New Directions perform there, and Sue immediately agrees as she does not want to disappoint Superintendent Harris. Mason McCarthy (Billy Lewis Jr.) flirts with Jane Hayward (Samantha Marie Ware) but his advances are immediately cut off by his sister Madison McCarthy (Laura Dreyfuss). Mason confesses to Roderick and Spencer that Madison has always acted like a mother to him, and he needs Madison out of the way so he can pursue Jane. Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) discuss song choices for the party as Will challenges Rachel to get to know her New Directions members better. Coach Sheldon Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones), Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet), Rachel, and Will meet with Sue who is having problems answering to every whim of Myron, as Sue tells them that they are being forced to be the new backup dancers for Myron, while Kitty Wilde (Becca Tobin) is not happy having to perform for this spoiled child. Spencer attempts to train Roderick but his methods are very aggressive and Roderick leaves. Mason convinces Jane to sing with him at the party, but when he tells Madison, she overreacts and embarrasses him. Later, Roderick and Spencer have an argument in the glee club room.

[S6E9] Child Star


Spencer is also teetering the line of plucking his manly courage. He stares longingly at Alistair through a window (stalker), helps him with his books (friendly stalker), and does shirtless sit-ups beside him during gym (hot stalker). Sadly, he never pulls the trigger.

Criminal Minds is never for the faint of heart, but the combination of the bleak outdoor settings, the intensity of the child actors and, of course, the murderer remaining at large made "Into the Woods" one of the strongest episodes of the season, if not beyond that.

You have to think he'll turn up again, right? The interesting thing was that the children really owned the scenes involving the killer, who remains somewhat of a blank canvas in terms of personality. Somehow, we can't imagine we've seen the last of him.

Lieutenant Karen Loews, a Starfleet psychiatrist, brings four genetically-engineered Humans to Deep Space 9 looking for help from Dr. Bashir. The group hasn't been as lucky as Bashir, and every one has strong social disabilities (mania, bipolar disorder, catatonia, etc.). The group consists of the hostile and hyperactive Jack, the seductive Lauren, the child-like Patrick, and the completely unresponsive Sarina. Loews tries to calm them down, as she's leaving for the three weeks they are spending there, but they are nervous. Jack breaks a PADD Lauren is using to read about Bashir's personnel file and angrily slams it into Loews' hand, cutting her. She, however, calmly says he's not to do things like that, and leaves.

While Bashir and O'Brien are in the room, they hear Gul Damar, now leader of the Cardassian Union, broadcast a speech, and not wanting to miss it they watch it on the room's viewscreen. Damar is calling for negotiations for peace with the Federation. The transmission captures the group's attention, and they are quickly enthralled by it. Interestingly, they start making very accurate guesses about who Damar is even though they know nothing about him. Bashir and O'Brien are astonished at the speed with which the group is able to deduce much of Damar's story based on only the one speech. They become very interested in the matter and quickly go through all the database material about Cardassia and the Dominion.

Bashir tries to convince Sisko of the new information. The group is confident that, even though the Federation will be conquered and enslaved for five generations, the next generation will form a rebellion against the Dominion starting on Earth and eventually overthrow it. Since it seems inescapable, the best move would be to surrender immediately to prevent the loss of life. The captain refuses point-blank to accept this and passes on the projections to Starfleet without his endorsement knowing they'll be immediately rejected. Bashir can't believe it.

Despite how horrible the situation was, Amy celebrated because of the thought of David losing his perfect child reputation. When Jake and Amy bail him out of jail, David reveals what the situation is. He is investigating a Brazillian drug cartel, and the dirty cops they work with must have planted the cocaine on his desk. The turn of events disappoints Amy since she knew that David is likely to finish his case and receive another award.

For context, Armitage is about to turn 15 in 2023, but Sheldon is around 11/12 years old in Young Sheldon season 6. Aside from his physical growth, Armitage's voice has also significantly dropped, which is a typical indication of puberty, but it makes it difficult to sell him continuously as a pre-teen. The same can be said for Armitage's on-screen twin, Raegan Revord, who plays arguably, the smartest Cooper kid, Missy. Understandably, CBS wants to keep Young Sheldon for as long as it can, but it may not have a choice but to get the story going with its child actors aging out of their roles.

Cut to Tionne being treated by Natalie, who tells her that she needs surgery to deliver the baby immediately. When the baby is delivered, the operating team notices a sign of spina bifida. The news shocks Tionne, who blames herself for the birth defect. Maggie is shocked when she finds out Tionne has called DCFS, and tries to convince her not to give the baby up for adoption. That includes telling how she gave her own child up at 16 and regrets it now.

Black is not the only cameo though, as Daniel Radcliffe also stars as one of the Knights of the Sun, who are now too busy stuck in their own opium den on Earth. Meanwhile, war breaks out among all the planetary factions and not even Santa Earl of Earth can do anything about it as their tech breakthrough see the conflict escalate very similarly to human's own history with war.

A full solar war begins, with each planet committing mass atrocities against each other with stabbings, sacrifices, and even the use of mustard gas. The whole war montage is soundtracked with the song "Goodbye, Blue Sky," a Pink Floyd song from the album The Wall.

\"Lucy was naturally very motherly to me and Desi kind of made me feel at ease--that was his role,\" Thibodeux said. \"They were very generous towards me and I was best friends with their children. Whenever I was over there, and Desi would give his kids gifts and he'd never leave me out--whether it was customized bowling balls or L.A. Rams jerseys, he'd give me the same thing.

\"I walked on the set and there was Lucy, she was standing there and she was looking at me,\" he said. \"She said 'OK he's cute, but what does he do?' My dad said, 'Well he plays the drums' and she said, 'Oh, come on--I can't believe that.' Then, she says 'Look, we have a drum set over there, go ahead and let him play.' Eventually Desi Arnaz himself came over and started jamming with me on the drums and then he kind of stood up and said 'Well, I think we found Little Ricky.'\"

\"I do kind of look at it like a time of my life where I wasn't able to fully be a kid, but that's a problem with child stars--that dynamic is always in the mix,\" he said. \"I was very depressed and suicidal and got to the end of my rope and became a Christian in 1974. That kind of changed my perspective on the show. After that, I was able to appreciate the show much more than I did when I was a young adult.\" 041b061a72


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