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Any Way The Wind Blows LINK

Though there are several existing methods to predict peak wind gusts, no one model is more accurate than the others. For ease of use, Harris decided to improve on an existing model called the Gust Factor Method.

Any Way the Wind Blows

Say that Milwaukee has a gust factor of 1.6. That means that on average, a wind gust in Milwaukee is 60 percent faster than the wind speed. If you have a forecast for the wind speed, you can estimate peak wind gusts by multiplying the wind speed by the gust factor. A 10-mph wind would yield a 16-mph wind gust prediction, for example.

Selbig and Kahl identified 178 sites around the nation where they wanted to calculate the gust factor to test the prediction model. Selbig wrote computer scripts to capture the minute-by-minute wind speed observations recorded over the last 8 years at each locale. 041b061a72


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