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Lowering Springs

The easiest and most cost-effective way to lower your car, lowering springs are exactly what their name says. These springs replace your factory coil springs to drop the car down but keep the stock struts. The benefit to this is that you'll retain most of your factory ride quality but have a much more aggressive looks. Plus, if your car has active or adjustible suspension from the factory, most of the time a set of lowering springs will let you maintain that active suspension. This makes lowering springs very common in higher end cars like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

lowering springs

Some vehicles will have the same setup in the rear, but many modern Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW models for instance, will have separate springs and shocks out back, so replacing the springs will be much easier.

Wheel tuck is more obvious after lowering and can look bad to some people. This is a matter of preference of course, but having spacers installed at the same time can be a good move so your car lis visually appealing from the start.

At this point if you're asking yourself "where can I get lowering springs installed" search the Internet for performance shops in your area that are familiar with your vehicle. Contact us and we can help you find a shop.

Rather than write out a long list of boring installation instructions, below is a great video from our friends at Deutsche Auto Parts that shows the process of installing lowering springs on a Mk7 Volkswagen GTI.

It does take at least a few hours of work from someone knowledgeable and experienced to get the job done right, so you shouldn't complain when the labor cost outshines the cost of the lowering springs themselves.

Want that wedge drop?Derived from racing, the VOGTLAND springs offer linear and progressive spring rates calibrated specifically for each specific car model. With these custom designs you can rest assured that you will have balance between performance and comfort. You will visually and physically experience your car in a whole new way.

Swift made Sport Springs keeps the quality ride you get from the showroom, and adds improved handling and lower ride height for driving enthusiasts and style minded drivers who demand only the best. Swift did not develop the Sport Springs line by simply dropping the ride height. Unlike other manufacturers whose sole focus was style, Swift approached the creation of these lowering springs with 3 goals.

Most enthusiasts have had experiences with the typical harsh and uncomfortable ride from lowering springs. Performance is often overlooked by manufactures simply because it is easier to lower a vehicle for aesthetics. The end result is usually a bumpy ride that causes a decrease in traction, or excessive worn shocks caused by lowering the vehicle beyond the usable stroke.

We utilize spring design with fewer coils which not only allows us to decrease un-sprung mass, but to also completely eliminate the chance of coil bind, while increasing the amount of usable stroke. Our proprietary material (H5S.TW) has a much quicker transient response, reacting to any road conditions which, in turn, cause a much smoother ride where other springs will skip on the harsh road surface, our spring will react to the road surface as needed.

We took four sets of the most popular lowering springs and installed each of them on our 2016 Ford Focus ST to find out exactly what all that hard work and engineering does on the streets. Check out the video below to see what we discovered:

It goes without saying that lowering your car will transform the look and handling of the vehicle. There are a few methods of achieving that killer lowered stance and improved handling characteristics, but one of the most common and affordable ways to do so is by using a set of lowering springs. Lowering springs typically are not only shorter in overall height than the factory springs, but also built to be stiffer to help further decrease unwanted body motions. Although they are very effective at both of these duties, they do present some other issues.

For example if your lowering springs drop the vehicle one inch, you will be sitting in the same point in the shocks travel that would normally be used when you drive over a bump that would compress the suspension by one inch. This range of travel is typically firmer than the initial portion of the shocks travel as a way to help slow down the motion of the suspension so that the ride is smoother over bumps and the vehicle is less likely to bottom out under normal conditions.

A great example of this is driving a vehicle with worn shocks. Because the shocks are no longer functioning as they should be, the motion of the springs are not being effectively dampened, causing the vehicle to have a harsh and bouncy ride.

Sure! Just know, if retaining ride comfort is top on your list when lowering the vehicle, it is IMPERATIVE that you consider lowering springs paired with high quality aftermarket shocks and struts designed to be used with lowered vehicles. A solid set of coilovers also take the place of lowering springs and struts. Brands like Bilstein, Koni, Eibach, and even KYB produce extremely high quality monotube shock absorbers for a variety of vehicles that feature shorter overall shock bodies to better maximize suspension travel. In many cases these high quality dampers will actually improve ride over factory while being valved properly for the shorter stiffer springs.

A good set of coilovers from brands like KW, Bilstein, Pedders, or Tanabe also often offer even higher quality dampers, in a system designed from the beginning around being low, typically including height adjustment as well. Furthermore, most coilover packages will offer even more usable suspension travel as compared to even a set of shocks and struts for lowering springs.

Add some much needed improvement to your Explorer's stance while lowering the center of gravity and improving handling with these Lowering Springs, brought to you by your friends at Lethal Performance. 041b061a72


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